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Stop-PlagiarismIt is frustrating to spend a lot of time researching and writing original content only to find out that a part or the entire content has been duplicated in another website. Some people will create a website and instead of getting their own content, rely on what others have struggled to put down. Here are some of the tools that you can use to find out if anyone has stolen content from your website:

  • Copyscape: This is a tool in which you will key in your URL and any duplicate of the content will be displayed. There is a free version of Copyscape that has limitations and a premium version where you will be able to check thousands of pages in your website.
  • Google alerts: For this option, you will generate an alert though taking part of your content and then pasting it in the field labeled ‘search query’. You will choose how often you will be notified in case content similar to yours is noted on another website.
  • DMCA: This is a tool which will allow you to generate a certificate and badges for your website which will be a proof that you are the original owner of the content. By paying $10 every month, the tool will check for copied content for as many times as you want.

Once you have identified a website that has copied content from your website, here are steps that you can take to ensure that it is removed:

  • Contact the website owner: For most websites, there is a contact form, email addresses, and a contact number through which you can reach the website owner. You will let the person have the link to your content so that they can confirm if it is true. You will request him to pull down the content with immediate effect failure to which you will lay a formal complaint to the relevant authorities.
  • Contact the web hosting service provider: If you notice that the website owner is not cooperative, the next course of action will be to contact the web hosting provider and lay a formal complaint. Most of the time, the web hosting provider will take down the website.
  • Contact Google: the Google Search Console provides a platform where you will file a complaint about the stolen content. If Google discovers that the complaint is valid, they will ensure that the copied content does not appear in the search engines. This way, it will be of no use to the person who copied it.

You do not have to sit back and watch someone else reap from your efforts when there are so many tools you can prevent this from happening.

Post Author: Stefan Cruz

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